A New Way To Shop

We get it, asking someone to do your shopping for you without you getting to choose your items might feel a little bit strange, so we've done our best to answer any questions you might have below. If there's anything we've missed - just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Your Choix is a free online personal styling service offering 60% to 80% off RRP – the more you keep, the more you save. The service, delivery and returns are always free, you only ever pay for what you keep.

You fill out a quick questionnaire about your preferences and sizing, your stylist will then be in touch via email, phone or whatsapp (which ever method you prefer) to have a bit more of a chat to find out what you’re really after for your box.

The stylist will hand select 5 items they think you will like, and send them free of charge for you to try on in the comfort of your own home.

You pick the items you would like to keep, and use our online calculator to work out your discounts, which could be anything from 60% for 1 item, through to 80% for all 5.

Finalise your order on your Your Choix account.

Anything you don’t want to keep, just return to us using our free returns service.

We ask for your card details before we despatch the box, at which point there will be a £0.01 deposit, refundable on final order.

Once you’ve had a chance to try on at home and decide what you want to keep, head to the “Your Orders” section on your account to finalise your purchase and check-out.

Remember, you only pay for the items you have decided to keep, and return the rest for free.

The full service is free, styling, delivery and returns, the £0.01 deposit will be refunded the first time you keep an item, even if it’s a few boxes down the line.

We carry a huge range of products, for men, women and children of any age. Footwear, watches and jewellery as well as bags and carry-alls. We stock a variety of designer and luxury items but also high street and boutique brands too, so you can expect to see anything ranging from Cheap Monday, Diesel, and Adidas through to Fendi, Gucci and Balenciaga.

We come from a background of buying product to sell onto other retailers to sell at discount, that’s how we’ve built up such great relationships with brands and retailers to purchase their overstocks, end of line and past season products at some incredible prices. The stock we purchase is all a-grade quality and goes through a rigorous QC process when it comes into us, so you’re guaranteed to get the best designer product, at the best prices!

There is a budget slider on your account where you can set a budget for each product type, our stylists will work to that. You are in control.

You have up to 14 days from delivery to return any unwanted items to us.

After you have had the box for 2-3 days, your stylist will be in touch to see how you got on with your selection.

It’s recommended that you finalise your order within 7 days

On the 8th day your stylist will be in touch as a reminder that your items are due to be returned soon.

If the order isn’t finalised on the 10th day, you will be sent a second reminder.

If you haven’t checked out within the 2 week timeframe and we haven’t received any returns from you, we will assume you love everything we have sent and will charge the full amount to the saved payment method.

Have a chat with your stylist, they might be able to extend your payment period.

Not at all, we will only ever send you a box if you want one.

Sometimes, but not always – we purchase our stock in a variety of ways but a lot of it is one offs, available in one size only – this is how we offer such a great discount and such a variety of stock.